26-Year-Old Woman Defies Beauty Standards After She Embraced Her Saggy and Wrinkly Body!

At the young age of 10, Sara Geurts was already diagnosed with a rare skin condition called Dermatosparaxis Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS). EDS is a connective tissue disorder that inhibits the body’s ability to produce collagen. Due to her rare condition, Geurts’ skin has skin wrinkles making her look years older.

However, instead of losing hope, this woman turned her flaws to perfection! This 26-year-old model is now determined to show the world that she’s proud of what she has!

“My skin was my biggest insecurity,” she says in the video below. “But now I think it’s the most beautiful thing ever. Each imperfection you have is individual to you, and it tells a story about you and who you are, and the struggle and the journey that you have been on.”

Geurts who was originally from the Minnesota and is now residing in Los Angeles, is on a mission to change the beauty standards! In 2015, she submitted her story to the Love Your Lines campaign project that praises women’s imperfections! Her story was then viewed more than 2 million times after it was produced by Barcroft TV.

“You’re going to meet people who are intimidated by you,” she wrote on Instagram recently. “You’re different. People don’t know how to react or how to accept someone who doesn’t follow the crowd… They are not used to someone who doesn’t try to fit in — So instead of bolstering your uniqueness, they’ll try and make you feel like you’re weird or damaged. I’m here to offer some well earned advice : Screw them.”

Now that is one way to show the world that you are beautiful!

However, instead of praising her beauty, some netizens still judged her and told her that she’s just wearing a piece of clothing that made her body look saggy.

Here are some of the comments from the netizens:

Source: BoredPanda

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