Thoughtful Cashier Follows This Elderly Man In Diapers to Make Sure He’d Be Safe On His Way Home

In this world filled with selfish and arrogant people, it would definitely be a surprise to see someone caring for someone whom he’s not related with. Seeing someone being nice to others could definitely restore your faith in humanity that was destroyed by those selfish ones.

They say if you want to see the world change, then you better start it within you. But how can this world change when only a few people wanted what they were calling ‘change’?

If you’re slowly starting to lose your faith in humanity, then try reading this story because it might help you trust people again.

On July 13, a Facebook user named Xiao Xuan posted a story on social media that melted the hearts of his followers According to her post, he was supposed to have breakfast with her son in a convenience store in Taiwan, when an old man caught her attention.

The old man who was in his diapers went to the store to buy several bottles of milk but then, the cashier told him that he can’t buy too much milk. Xuan got confused so she decided to butt in and there she found out that the old man had Alzheimer’s and that he was a regular customer. The cashier also told her that he could only finish a few bottles and the amount that he wishes to buy was too much for him.

The old man insisted to buy the big bottle of milk and the cashier told him: “Ok, you can only buy this big bottle of milk. You cannot buy those small bottles, or else you won’t be able to finish them.”

After he paid for the milk, the old man went out of the store and headed home. That’s when things got even more interesting.

Xiao Xuan was surprised when suddenly, the cashier followed the old man. Turns out that he wanted to make sure that the old man would safely arrive his home. He made sure that the old man is safe before he headed back to the convenience store. The best part is the fact that the cashier regularly did this for the old man.

“Our society needs someone like him. I applaud him for his kindness!” one Facebook user wrote.

“He is so thoughtful. What a heartwarming story,” another commented.

Her post instantly captured the attention of the netizens, leaving them all in tears because of what this good man did.

Source: Viral4Real


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