These celebrity kids know how to do household chores

It’s safe to assume that home is the place where many of us learn important lessons in life. Aside from the knowledge passed onto us by our parents and guardians, the majority of us are also trained to do various household chores.

Can you remember the first time you washed the dishes and you accidentally broke some plates? Or the time you helped your mom cook for the first time? These are just some of the things that parents teach their kids.

While most celebrities employ numerous helpers at home, these stars encouraged their children to learn simple household chores. That’s right! These kids are far from spoiled and they know how to get down and dirty when mommy and daddy ask them to help out.

From fixing their own bed to washing the dishes, here are the celebrity kids who know how to do simple household chores.

1. Yohan and Lucho Agoncillo

Photo Credit: instagram/officialjuday/
Photo Credit: instagram/officialjuday/

Yohan is the eldest child of celebrity couple Ryan Agoncillo and Judy Ann Santos. From time to time, she helps her parents in baking and cooking. Despite being young and having many helpers in their home, Yohan was still able to learn how to make meat loaf. Meanwhile, Lucho was spotted grilling fish they caught during a family outing.

2. Kendra Kramer

Photo Credit: instagram/chekakramer/

Despite being so young, Kendra has already lived most of her life in the limelight. Part of ‘Team Kramer’, the daughter of actress Cheska Garcia Kramer and basketball player Doug Kramer can often be seen in videos of their family bonding online. In a particular post, the hands-on mom shared the importance of teaching her kids to do simple household chores. She taught their kids to put their toys in the right place after playing with them.

3. Nathan Linsangan

Photo Credit: instagram/camilleprats/

Nathan is the son of actress Camille Prats with her late partner Anthony Linsangan. According to Camille, teaching her son to do simple household chores will eventually make it his “natural habit.”

4. Caela and Mic Pingris

Photo Credit: instagram/danicaspingris/

Caela and Mic help their celebrity mom Danica Sotto when she’s in the kitchen. They help mommy bake yummy “Sea Salt Chocolate Chip cookies.”

5. Gummy Carlos

Photo Credit: instagram/abettinnacarlos/

At the age of six, Gummy already knows her way around the kitchen thanks to her celebrity mom, Bettina Carlos. In fact, aside from doing her “kitchperiments” and baking, the little girl also knows how to do a mean saute.

6. Anechka Estrada

Photo Credit: instagram/primeirelles/

Priscilla Meirelles and John Estrada’s daughter, Anechka, is quite close with her famous parents. During the Halloween season, the mother and daughter tandem bonded together by baking and decorating their homemade cupcakes.

7. Jana Agoncillo

Photo Credit: instagram/janapatching/

Aside from her acting career, this Kapamilya child star enjoys doing chores. On Instagram, Jana shared a short clip of herself washing the dishes.

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