This stunning model will have you nearly fall off your chair

In a digital age where gorgeous selfies, bombshell bods and perfectly-curated feeds are all the rage among the public, it only makes sense why society has become obsessed with physical appearance. Whether it be a celebrity or that pretty girl you’ve been following on Instagram, it’s impossible not to stumble upon that one photo on your timeline that just lures you in. However, this recent pictorial of a stunning model that made waves online isn’t at all what the social media users expected.

Photo Credit: Danified

Set in what would seem like a garden, the four-part post started with a body shot of the model in a blue dress who was holding a chic straw-hat. What’s worth noting in the image are her flawless legs, just like that of the usual model.

Photo Credit: Danified

However, the next part was somewhat more revealing than the first. The model has now turned her back on the camera, showing more of her flawless legs. On top of that, her curvy physique and luscious hair are sure to make anyone do a double take.

Photo Credit: Danified

On the third shot, however, is where it reached to a climax, after the model turned to face the camera. But, after she did so, netizens were taken by surprise for the beautiful lady whom they saw in the photos was actually a guy faking it as a girl!

Photo Credit: Danified

According to Danified, the photos were originally posted by the Facebook page “Na Miriam Defensor Ka Dre?”, and swiftly earned a thousand entertained social media users likes. But, upon further inspection of the site, it shows that the post was already taken down.

Photo Credit: Danified

While it is still unknown who the deceptive guy was in those photos, he just pulled a fast one on the netizens! But, beyond the amusement is a more important lesson he left to online frequenters: do not let anything you see on social media fool you!

What do you think of the unexpected revelation of this ‘stunning’ model? Were you also fooled by his photos? Share with us what you think down in the comments section!

Source: Danified

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