Hidden camera caught an alleged poltergeist activity that scares a young girl

When it comes to “substantial proof” regarding demonic possessions, seances, and poltergeist activities, everyone should always have a critical eye mind. It is very easy with today’s technology to manipulate videos and pictures that claim to have captured supernatural occurrences. Before believing in such materials, make sure that no other logical explanation could be used to debunk or expose said “evidence.”

With that in mind, a concerned father set up a hidden camera in his home because his young daughter kept insisting that something was bothering her at home. He was hoping that whatever footage that the camera collects would help him understand what was going on.

At first, the recording showed the young girl playing with two dolls. Everything seemed fine and in order for the first few seconds until a red circle appears, focusing our attention to another doll in a purple dress who began to slowly move her head unaided.

The creepy doll, believed to be possessed, slowly moved its head to the left then the right without being noticed by the kid. Although we do not see anything that could possibly have triggered the movement, this could always be thought of as a malfunction.

The viral footage then skips forward to another area of the house. We see the young girl preoccupied with drawing on the coffee table when the neat pile of bond paper placed on the corner suddenly scattered, as if wind suddenly passed by. This frightened the girl who ran away from the shot of the camera.

The silence that followed after was short-lived as the pieces of paper once again moved followed by the rest of the girl’s things being knocked to the ground and the heavy table even moved without anyone pushing it.

Here are the comments from the netizens:
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The question of whether this is a poltergeist activity is still thought of but some people are convinced that everything was staged. Timestamps found on the video could have been edited in and the fact that the footage was already cut makes it dubious.

What can you say about the viral video? Do you think that the poltergeist activity or demonic possession shown there was real? Share your thoughts, reactions, and opinions in the comments section below!


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