Malaysian girl shares how she found her true love after her ex-boyfriend left her pregnant with his son

Breaking-up with your partner is one of the most catastrophic events that could happen in our lives. Getting over the heartbreak will take some time, but managing the grief may be more exhausting to someone who is pregnant, just like what happened to this Malaysian woman named Nicole Lee.

Despite the tragic event that happened in her life, she was able to recuperate from the pain thanks to a new special someone. On August 12, 2017, she shared the wonderful transition of her love life on Facebook.

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She started her post by narrating how depression came into her life after her ex-boyfriend left her while she was pregnant with his baby.

“A few months ago when I was still pregnant with my ex’s baby, I did not enjoy socialising and was depressed at that time. I wrote a big coat whenever I went out and had wild thoughts every day.”

She eventually met a man named Fang Sheng who showed his concern to her.

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“We started keeping in regular contact, going out to chat. He knew about my past relationship, and I could tell that his heart ached for me. He knew that I had inner demons and silently wanted to give me new hope in life so that I could continue to live life confidently with my baby.”

She shared that she appreciated Fang Sheng’s pure intentions, but she kept her heart guarded because she was afraid of taking the risk of falling in love again.

“Gradually, my stomach grew larger each day, and life got harder each day. He decided he wanted to take care of me and bought me a bouquet to confess his feelings. I was still torn up on the inside, so I did not accept nor reject him.”

But he continued to prove his love by taking good care of her and her baby. He bought her healthy food, massaged her tummy and legs, and treated her like a king would do to his queen. She added:

“I felt warmth in my heart when I watched him have heart-to-heart talks with my baby and praise my baby every day. I have never experienced such a feeling before. At that time, I felt that I was being unfair to him. Whenever we went out with my big tummy, people would ask about us and I felt that this would cause him embarrassment. However, he was always a gentleman and would reply with a smile that I am his wife who is carrying his child.”

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When Nicole asked if he would not mind taking care of a child who’s completely unrelated to him, the man answered:

“The baby may not have my DNA but she is still a human being, and you have carried her all these months. Since I have already decided to be with you, I will also love and treat her like she’s my child.”

Nicole narrated that she experienced pain the whole day of her scheduled delivery. Fang Sheng immediately closed his shop and rushed her to the hospital.

She reflected on Fang Sheng’s efforts and came up with a sudden realization:

“I wondered why at the end, the one who was worried about me and who accompanied me, was him and not the baby’s biological father? Whatever I had anticipated, dreamed of and planned did not materialise. Instead, it was all left up to heaven. At that time, I finally thought it through. I wanted to hold onto him, cry and thank him for all the sacrifices that he had made.”

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Now that the baby was born, Fang Sheng continued to show his care to Nicole and her child. His love and care never stopped, and Nicole believed it never will.

She capped off her lengthy post with a message from her and her baby:

“Finally, the baby and I want to tell you, ‘Thank you. I love you.'”

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