Son opts to stay with rich father to support his mother

People say that they feel pain whenever they see their mother struggling. This is why some choose to go the extra mile to help their mother and not see them suffer.

This story is about a man who chose to leave his wife and his only son to move to the big city and find a job, so that he can support them.

However, he suddenly stopped sending them money and this made her wife worry about him. Since then, the wife had no choice but to sell fruits and vegetables at the market to support their son. But despite waking up early in the morning to set up her stall and going home late at night, she still couldn’t earn enough to supper her family.

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Three years later, the husband showed up in an expensive car. Their neighbors in the village were happy for the wife as they assumed it would be the end of her sufferings. But alas, he was only there to let her sign the divorce papers. He told her:

“I never said that you should wait for me to come back home. Whatever it is, I have got to divorce you tonight and I no longer love you.”

When she asked about their son, the husband seemed nonchalant about it and told her it was up to him who would he choose to be with. But to her dismay, their son chose to stay with his dad.

“Because my father is rich. If I stayed with my father, he could afford to buy me anything that I want and desire. While my mother is so poor, she could barely afford to buy fruits for to eat.”

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The woman did her best to win her son back. She brought him toys that day, but he threw them all and asked his dad to leave.

She was then left heartbroken, and her business started to decline. She tried many times to find her son in the city, but it was such a huge place which made her go back to the village everytime.

One day, the woman received a check of $1000 from an unknown person. The message saids, ‘I love you.’ Not knowing who the sender was, she just kept the money and never used it.

However, the same amount of check came every month. She finally received a letter from the sender with a message that truly melted her heart.

“How are you, mother? I know that you love me and you must have suffered a lot since I left you. Mother, I really love you and I miss you.”

“You have to know the real reason I decided to stay with father. I just wanted to help you. Father always gives me money and I thought that I could send the money to you. Then, you will never have to sell fruits at the market anymore.”

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“Mother, take care of yourself. Don’t worry about me. I will definitely come back home one day. You will always be my mother and I will never leave you again. I will take you to live with me when I grow up.”

Were you touched by this story? Would you do the same thing to support your mother and show her how much you love her? Share your comments and reactions below!

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