This could be Ellen Adarna’s clapback to Angelica Panganiban’s insinuations

The past week has been pretty tense for showbiz after Angelica Panganiban dropped insinuations regarding a certain ex-boyfriend and his current girlfriend. In her latest #AskAngelica online series on Youtube wherein she talked about relationships, the 31-year-old actress gave a no holds barred answer when asked how she would face her former beau’s new love interest.

Photo Credit: instagram/iamangelicap
Photo Credit: instagram/iamangelicap

“Hindi ko alam. Baka masaktan ko yun. Kasi, unang-una, hindi naman ako pinalitan. Pinilit, e. Pinilit sirain yung relasyon. Kaya may galit.”

At this point, netizens were already assuming that the Kapamilya star was talking about her ex-boyfriend John Lloyd Cruz, and this theory was supported by another recent scoop. In another video, Angelica gave a not-so-subtle answer as to whether one should fight for their “one great love”, even if he’s now in another relationship.

Photo Credit: instagram/iamangelicap
Photo Credit: instagram/iamangelicap

“Pag may karelasyon na, huwag niyo piliting sirain.Maghanap kayo ng iba! Ang daming lalaki, ang daming babae! Huwag niyong guluhin yung mga taong masasaya. ‘Yan kayo, e! Iba kayo! Ano, nagkaubusan ng lalaki? Hindi. Wag kayong ano! Pag may relasyon na, may relasyon na! Huwag niyong inaagaw!”

This is where her advice got somewhat personal.

“Tapos kung makapag-post kayo, akala niyo mga wala kayong sinaktan. Kunyari masaya kayo, e, di wow! Di ba? Parang tanga ‘tong mga ‘to. Parang hindi ka inagawan. Hoy, excuse me, ha! Inagaw mo lang ‘yan sa akin! Tapos, ikaw pa ang proud. Hayerp!”

Photo Credit: instagram/iamangelicap

Meanwhile, John Lloyd and Ellen Adarna have been mum about the issue, as with all the other controversies they are currently in the midst of. However, a recent update from the sexy star was believed by citizens of the online realm as her clapback to Angelica’s insinuations.

Photo Credit: instagram/maria.elena.adarna
Photo Credit: instagram/maria.elena.adarna

Last Thursday, January 25, Ellen put up an Instagram story of her and her friends happily tuning into Jacky Chang’s Cebuano song “Pero Atik Ra”. During the video, John Lloyd’s sweetheart was heard singing the words: “Dili na ko mag-assume/Dili na ko magpada/Dili na ko magpatonto nimo nga paasa.”

Photo Credit: PEP

According to a report from Philippine Entertainment Portal, the lyrics translate to: “Hindi na ako mag-a-assume/Hindi na ako magpapadala/Hindi na ako magpapaloko, sa’yo na paasa.”

Could this really be Ellen’s way of slamming back? Well, unless they decide on finally breaking their silence, we’re all left to our own assumptions for now.

Do you believe that Ellen Adarna was hinting at Angelica Panganiban’s allusions? What can you say about the “Banana Sundae” star’s insinuations regarding a certain ex-boyfriend? Feel free to leave a comment below!

Source: PEP

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