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A singing cabin crew from Air Asia Goes Viral After Twitter Videos

There is nothing like flying out to a different location, the soothing idea of a vacation and a change of scenery is always a nice thought. Part of the journey of course is having to get to the said location. Be it the comforts of learning that you spent less than what a regular ticket would have cost you, or the luxury of quality premium service our flights and bus rides always leave a mark to how the future story of that trip would go.

Speaking of which, several netizens began to rave about a certain cabin crew who pleasantly surprised them during one of their flights through Air Asia. These people – or at least most of them, have already gone through their vacation and are on their way home to Manila when their trip had yet to be concluded in a high note (pun intended).

According to the post of a certain Russel Viray on twitter, plenty of the passengers were amazed by a certain cabin crew who decided to sing through the microphones of Air Asia’s flight on their way back to Manila. Russell seemed very eager to share the whole happenstance because according to him, she was very good. “yung cabin crew ng flight namin pabalik ng manila nagkanta para sa amin and sHE WAS SO GOOD!!! !!!!!!” Russell wrote with all the exclamation points included.

The cabin crew and flight attendant instantly stole the hearts of the passengers who in turn considered her to be a world class talent then and there. The comment section, or rather, twitter replies in the thread were also just as excited and pleased as the original poster Russell was. One of them even replied with another clip of the said woman. This time she was singing a song from the soundtrack of “The Greatest Showman,” entitled “Never Enough”

If you pay attention closely, every time the crew member finished singing, everybody in the plane who became her audience always ended up blowing up with incomprehensible joy and thundering rounds of applause.

As of this writing, the video has 256 thousand views on twitter alone.

Here are some of the comments and twitter replies of the Netizens, read on!
“ano naaame!! ang gandaaa”
“Filipinos are crazy talented singers! Air Asia should give her a raise after this for (good) publicity”
“Ganda ng boses”
“Pasikatin na yaaaan”
“Sana maabutan ko siya sa flight!”
“pretty na talented pa!”

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SOURCE: facebook

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