Boyfriend Pranks Girlfriend with used Condom in Noodle Bowl

Couples have different ways on how they spend their time and have fun with their partner. Some couples travel to different places while others spend hours binge watching their favourite TV series or movies. Other couples work out together during their free time while others hang out in their homes and play video games. Nowadays, it may sound very weird but many couples post videos in social media how they prank their partners.

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Different kinds of pranks that some couples do surfaced the internet. Some prank videos have 2nd parts wherein their partner makes their revenge. Some take pranks very seriously and really makes effort for netizens to enjoy when posted online.

Some people seem to disagree and dislike these kinds of videos especially when the prank seems to be ‘below the belt’. Some things are getting destroyed which may lead to accident that’s why some people disagree with it. While some really enjoy watching how they prank each other. They tend to enjoy seeing these people prank each other like they’re just playing like kids. More and more people are influenced by these videos, and post their own version of pranks.

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In a recent video posted in a social media, another boyfriend and girlfriend prank surfaced. In the video, the boyfriend pranked his girlfriend by dropping a used condom in his girlfriend’s noodle bowl. In his prank, first, he said to his girlfriend that he would cook noodles for her while she was playing a game. And then he rushed to the toilet, used a condom, and put some shampoo inside it to look more realistic. After that, he returned and cooked the noodles normally and placed the condom with shampoo in it at the bottom of the bowl. He gave the noodle bowl to his girlfriend and ate it not knowing that there’s a condom at the bottom. After eating most of the noodles, she noticed that there’s a condom in her bowl. Feeling disgusted, she rushed to the bathroom and puked due to nausea.

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Some people are getting alarmed seeing these kind of videos. People especially younger audience may think that it is only normal but may harm others if they would try to imitate what they’ve seen. People should be more responsible and sensitive especially in posting something online knowing that once you put online, it will always be there.

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