Celebrities who were rumored to have a relationship in real life

We all wanted our favorite love team to become officially a real couple. Sometimes these love teams develop feelings towards each other and ends up becoming a couple in reality. Let us all admit it, we feel very happy whenever famous love teams becomes real couples. We all wanted their love story on-screen to continue in their realities. Unfortunately, some love celebrities just don’t end up together in reality but only on-screen. Given that the world of showbiz is very small, it is sometimes inevitable to think that some of the celebrities’ closeness has meaning and they’re hiding their true relationship. Here are is a list of Filipino Celebrities who were rumored to have relationship but in reality they don’t.

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Kyline Alcantara and Jeric Gonzales

Because the two are always seen together especially in Kyline’s Youtube covers, people get confused and think that the two really have a relationship. In an interview, the actress confirmed that they are just friends and treats each other like siblings.

Mikee Quintos and Andre Paras

In a press conference of “Sirkus”, Mikee Quintos and Andre Paras answered the issue about their date in America. According to Andre, it was just a friendly date given that both of their families are taking a vacation in California.

Sue Ramirez and Maris Racal

Maris Racal denied that she has a relationship with co-actress Sue Ramirez by answering a question from a netizen’s tweet.

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Barbie Forteza and Derrick Monasterio

According to Barbie Forteza and Derrick Monasterio, their friendship became stronger after working together in the movie “This Time I’ll Be Sweeter”. Currently, Barbie is now one year in a relationship with co-actor Jak Roberto.

Alex Gonzaga and Kean Cipriano

Alex Gonzaga confirmed that she held hands with singer Kean Cipriano and attended frequently in the singers gigs. Yet she clarified that their relationship is not serious that time. At present, Kean is happily married with actress Chynna Ortaleza, while Alex Gonzaga is in a relationship with businessman Mikee Morada.

Marvin Agustin and Markki Stroem

Rumors spread that Marvin and Markki are in a relationship because of their friendship after they went on vacation in and out of the country. The two denied the they are in a relationship.

Piolo Pascual and Mark Bautista

Mark Bautista confessed in his book that he once had an intimate relationship with a guy friend. Piolo Pascual’s name got involved and netizens accused that Mark is the reason for the breakup of Piolo and Kc Concepcion but Piolo Pascual’s camp denied all the accusations.

Joyce Pring and Aaron Atayde


Joyce Pring was once linked to his former co-radio jock Aaron Atayde. The two were very close that’s why people are very curious about the relationship of the two.

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