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Eating instant noodles made this man suffer from 16 illnesses

Instant noodles are the money saver of most people on a budget. Moreover, this easy to cook food is the go-to lunch or dinner for all the busy people studying or working. That’s why many people developed the habit of eating instant noodles regularly. However, it is also a well-known fact that any food loaded with preservatives is bad for the health.

As much as possible, people should stay away from such an unhealthy habit. Unfortunately, this man from China had already suffered from the consequences of excessive eating of instant noodles.

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After experiencing chronic pain and yellowish skin, the man named Peng Fei decided to find out what was happening to him. In the medical examination, he was diagnosed with 16 different illnesses such as liver failure, micronodular cirrhosis, intra-abdominal infection, high potassium, pleural effusion or cholecystitis.

All of these were acquired when his liver dysfunctioned. Moreover, his doctors attributed this to his unhealthy practice of eating instant noodles. Most of the time, Peng became very focused on his job in a restaurant which made him dependent on the instant food.

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Factors like staying up late and smoking also contributed to the deterioration of his health. In his current state, only one-third of his liver was left functioning.

If you’re also an instant noodles patron like him, maybe you should reconsider your eating habit. Although this food may be cheap for now, it might cost you more in the future when your health suffered the consequences of unhealthy eating habit. On your next grocery shopping, think twice before placing tons of instant noodles in your cart.

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