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LOOK! Woman transforms an old commuter bus into a fancy small house

It can’t be denied that all of us, dreams of having our very own flat. We try to work our best every day to save up money to afford our very own house. But because of its costly price, this kind of purchase will definitely take time. That’s why many people are now engaging to a project known as ‘tiny house movement’. This calls for people to build their tiny homes at the back of a caravan or large vehicle.

A woman from New York named, Jessie Lipskin, was inspired by this project and has to do it on her own. She bought a vintage 1966 GMC Commuter Greyhound bus and has turned it into her tiny palace. Lad Bible decided to upload her amazing story online and has immediately gone viral.

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According to her, she bought the vehicle on eBay for $7,000 in 2015. She also asked for help from her friends to bring back the vehicle in upstate New York, for she was still learning how to drive. After that, the vehicle was then brought to New Jersey, Jessie started to modify it.

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After spending a jaw-dropping amount of $125,000, she incredibly transformed the vintage bus to a stunning and cozy home. It is also complete with Plumbing, electrical work, appliances, and décors. It also has its own kitchen, bedroom, and a cute little bathroom.

Today, Jessie is selling her newly-modified bus to the public. Anyone who’s interested must be ready to have a startling cash of $149,000. Although you can easily buy your own flat with this amount, Jessie explained that her Greyhound bus is way bigger than a studio type apartment and that it is much more eco-friendly.

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