Mica Javier is officially off the market, but look at all her best photos as a single woman!

Jay-R and Mica Javier have been in a long term relationship. They have been together for a total of five years before the R&B Singer decided to propose to Apo Hiking’s niece. Of course, she said yes.
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That means that the Kapamilya actress is now officially off the market, but we can still appreciate her for her good looks and stunning voice of course. Her long-time boyfriend proposed to her on October 21, in Nobu Hotel City of Dreams Manila in front of their family and close friends. Included in this tight knit friends are other singers Jaya, Jed Madela, Maxene Magalona and other notable singers. They had originally posed and covered the whole thing for Mica’s surprise, selling to her that the whole thing was only for a music video when in reality she was going to get proposed to. Can’t forgo the element of surprise with these things, can you?

In an immediate Instagram post, the singer actress shared to her many followers just how happy and ready she is for the new chapter that meets her in life. She even said that she had always known that she was destined to be with her long-time boyfriend.
“I was stunned and it was surreal but there was no doubt in my mind, my answer was always going to be YES,” she exclaimed. “I love you Jay-R and I’m so excited to be your wifey!” she said with so much enthusiasm and excitement.

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To boot, Jay R also posted a message over Instagram to announce the engagement seemingly happy and proud that his girlfriend had said yes to him. His message was kept short and sweet. “Meet my fiancé.” he wrote in his version of the announcement.

Back in 2017, Jay R was a guest for the late night show Tonight With Boy Abunda where the singer had said he had no plans of asking the hand of his then girlfriend of 4 years. When Tito Boy asked why this was the case, Jay R reasoned that they first had to focus in the growth of their careers first as they were very busy in their own fields respectively.

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“Si Mica kasi she’s a rising star right now and I’m so proud of her. She’s on ‘It’s Showtime’ everyday. Right now, she’s focused on herself,” he said. “It’s been her dream to do music, to be able to dance on TV, to be acting, so sabi ko, ‘Let’s just focus on our careers.” he said in the late night show with Tito Boy Abunda.


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