The final resting place of the Philippines’ “Scare Queen”, Lilia Cuntapay, left in a very poor state.

Lilia Cuntapay was born on September 16, 1935. She was a Filipino actress whose career become apparent due to her roles in many scary films including her most notable work which is the Shake, Rattle, and Roll series and Six Degrees of Separation from Lilia Cuntapay, her first leading role that made her won an award as Best Actess in the 2011 CinemaOne Originals Digiital Film Festival. Her career started first in a film Shake, Rattle, and Roll together with Kris Aquino in the year 1991.

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And then on, her role as “aswang” would later be put in constant in the movie sequels. This role that she built earned her the title of “Queen of Philippine Scary Movies.”
Her role in scary films started the overflowing offers in media. She also appeared in television series “Precious Hearts Romances Presents: Bud Brothers”, “Midnight DJ” sharing a role with Maricar Reyes, “Wansapanataym”, “Sa Ngalan ng Ina”, and “And Probinsyano”. She was also casted as Miley Cyrus in a Lokomoko High’s spoof music video of the Party in the USA.

Cuntapay never married but she adopted 3 children: Elma, Gilmore, and Magdalena. On the first week of August 2016, she was diagnosed with a spinal cord illness that made her unable to walk. She then reached to her friends and co-workers in the film industry seeking help in raising money for her treatment but on August 20, Cuntapay has gone and no longer with us.

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Two years after, a report from ABS-CBN shows that her final resting place is now in a very bad state. It was cover in twigs and branches, there is no paint used in her tomb, and even tombstone. The only information existing is a tear tarpaulin tied on top of her tomb.
Gilmore, one of her adopted child, was the only one who visit her mother and even though they want to fix and furnish her mother’s resting place, he does not have enough money to support the work. So he is seeking help to her mother’s colleague in film industry and to those people who still care about her mother that made a huge impact in the Philippine scary films.

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A lot of netizens commented about the issue. Some of the response is about how her family should be the one fixing it up and should seek help to her other family relatives while some comments tagged film companies where Lilia worked seeking also for help.

Here are the comments from the netizens:

Source: KAMI

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