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“Boracay Baby”: Cristine Reyes raves about the new and improved Boracay

Six months after the much-needed rehabilitation of the world-renowned beach of Boracay locals and tourists are now enjoying the fruition of the government’s efforts as well as the locals who helped in the clean-up drive. Although it gained a lot of criticisms from the President’s critics and business owners, it sure is worth the sacrifice.

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Some of the few tourists who got the chance to saw the newly revived island is the sexy Kapamilya actress Cristine Reges the chance to saw the newly revived island is the sexy Kapamilya actress Cristine Reyes.

The self-confessed “Boracay Baby” personally went to the island together with unica hija Amarah to check out the result of the rehabilitation.

On Friday, Cristine took to social media to share photos of her and Amarah enjoying the pristine white beach of Boracay.

Aside from showing off her bikini-ready body, the sexy actress also raves about how clean the island is compared to its former condition before. In one of her photos with Amarah, Cristine described Boracay in a sweet and simple word: “paradise saved.”

In another photo showcasing the jaw-dropping white sand and the crystal clear water of Boracay, Cristine made a low-key encouragement to her fellow beach lovers to keep the island “nice and clean”.
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In May 2018, President Rodrigo Duterte ordered the temporary closure of the island to give way to its much-needed rehabilitation affecting the different establishments including hotels, bars, and restaurant owners and employees.

Meanwhile, eagle-eyed netizen could not help but notice and wonder why Cristine’s husband, MMA fighter Ali Khatibi is not with the mother-and-tandem, which leads to more speculation that the couple is still going through some rough marital problems.
It could be recalled that earlier this month, netizens also noticed that Cristine already ditched the surname Khatibi on her Instagram username and replaced it with her simple screen name “cristinereyes.”

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Although the couple has not confirmed or denied their marital problems, basing on their Instagram photos, it is evident that they are not in good terms especially that they are no longer seen together unlike before that would often post family and couple pictures from time-to-time.

Aside from Cristine, stunning actress Coleen Garcia also personally went to Boracay and gushed over the rehabilitated island. Coleen noted that the beach is now “noticeable cleaner” and encouraged the Filipino people to visit the island and witness this wonderful transformation.


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