7 Filipina Gamers who currently dominate the gaming scene

In the gaming world, female gamers are usually underrated as a player. Most of them have been experiencing unjust or prejudicial distinction for possessing attractive physical features yet unskilled. It has become an unfair evaluation for these female gamers considering that a lot of them are skilled players. As for example, recently there are female gamers that have been making their mark in the world of video games. Here’s a list of these women that are known for possessing an advance set of skills for a gamer in different gaming genres like multiplayer online battle area, first-person shooter, and RPG through the online game streaming service Twitch.

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Bea Benedicto

Bea recently joined the gaming scene as she has just created her own streaming account earlier this month. She might still be a noob player who’s starting to explore some titles like Doki Doki Literature Club and Iron Snout. Her channel contains a funny description saying, ”Hold on panget pa homepage ko hahaha!” Despite of her lack in her experience, Bea have already gained 272k fans across her different social media accounts.

Lorelyn Faith

The 25 year old content creator who’s also known for her username LorelynF, might be the most extreme female gamer on the list. If you happen to come across her YouTube channel, you can see that she might have already tried almost every popular game online. As of now she has been drawn to Dragon Nest Mobile and Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds.

Rikki Quiapon

Aside from testing her survival skills in Fortnite, Rikki has been active in the gaming scene as the esports shoutcaster of MOB, LoL, Heroes of Storm, Vainglory and the most recent AoV. As you can see in her Twitch bio, she left her dayjob to become a freelance talent and a regular streamer.

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Ashley Gosiengfiao

Aside from volleyball, music, photography and modelling, Ashley has always loved the thrill of playing Video games. She was initially drawn to FPS and RPG genres right before she fell in love with MOBA. Ashley streams almost every night but she’s hoping that she could do it on a full-time basis.

Lhea Bernardino

Lhea who’s been the apple of the eye of FHM have found her place in playing several video games. She has been appointed as an ambassadress of the popular gaming team TNC. Lhea’s gaming skills is growing as she continues to play League of Legends, Mobile Legends, and Arena of Valor. Most of her Twitch time is spent on the IRL (In Real Life) category. Due to extreme fatigue, it was recently reported that Lhea collapsed while she was spending her time online.

Alodia Gosiengfiao

Compared to her sister Ashley, the Queen of Philippine Cosplay can be considered as a Twitch newbie. She streams through her Facebook account and YouTube channel. Sometimes she displays her gaming skills in her vlogs that contains a lot of viewers. Alodia’s recent uploads consist of PUBG, Sword Art Online, ROS and Dota.

Ann Mateo

The FHM babe has found her success as one of the most popular female gamers in the Philippines. She spends most of her time to earn that “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner” in PUBG. Ann is the girlfriend of the Fliptop emcee, Shehyee who’s also an active player in the gaming scene. Ann Mateo who’s been chosen as the ASUS Republic of Gamers endorser remains connected with her subscribers by answering some of their questions. She also invites some of her gorgeous looking friends once in a while to get featured in some of her Just Dance videos.

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Source: FHM

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