Man proves that his 400-year-old home is a haunted house

The season of fright and scary stories and costumes is about to come to an end. As Halloween 2018 ends, Feedy TV, recently featured an old scary video from Youtube. They shared the story of a 400-year-old house of a Youtuber named Andrew Ward from Cambridge. According to Andrew, his home is a haunted house and is disturbed by the devil.

He shared how the windows at his house would open by itself during night time. On his first video that lasted for eight minutes, he gave a tour of the house, he showed that it was next to a church.

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During his tour, he showed the two windows he claimed that were opening by themselves when he’s asleep. He showed how the windows lock and how bizarre it is that it opens every morning when he wakes up. According to him, he makes sure to always close his windows at night. Which explains his reaction upon seeing an open window when he wakes up in the morning.

He tried to take a video of this mystery but failed to get the footage of the windows opening on its own. During his second attempt, he focused his camera on one particular window. It showed how it unlocked by itself and opened without anyone touching it or pulling strings.

Many netizens who saw the video were very critical. They said that it was fake and that no one should believe it. One commented that he saw a string and that it moved as if a string was pulled.

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With stories like this, you can’t really escape skeptics. Some are just naturally non-believers. But for the believers, this story especially the video would surely give them goosebumps.

Watch the full video below:

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