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Netizens left disappointed when this pretty lady took off her face cover

When talking about beauty, we always remember the saying that “beauty comes from within” or the famous “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, which has been proven true over the years. We all know that no matter how beautiful your face and overall physical appearances, if your attitude and personality are not that pleasing it will still not make you stand out because external beauty fades, but inner beauty does not.

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But no matter emulate self-love and spread positivity, criticisms will always be there especially for judgemental and perfect minds. People will judge the way you look every now and then so have to accept the fact that you cannot please everybody.

But sometimes, this discrimination is going below the belt especially when people started using foul words or even call you names just because you didn’t pass in their own standard of beauty.
Just like how the internet trolled this Asian lady whose photo while wearing mask went viral on social media.

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In the photo, the young lady could be seen wearing a face mask covering almost half of her face from her nose down to her mouth. The photo only showcases her beautiful round eyes which is a distinct look of Asian women.
In some Asian countries like Japan and China, women love wearing a mask for different reasons; some to protect themselves from pollution and viruses while others opt to cover their faces when they forgot to wear their makeup and ashamed to show off their bare face.

Regardless of the reason why they choose to wear a mask, it still gives them more benefits since it gives them overall protection when they went out to public places.
But for this unidentified Asian lady, it seems like wearing a mask do her more harm after receiving mockery from netizens.
Because only her big round eyes were exposed in the viral photo, netizens assumed that she looks just like any other Asian women who have immaculate beauty and almost close to perfection kind of face.

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However, when they saw another photo of the lady without her mask on, netizens seem disappointed as they saw an image of a woman which they did not imagine.
Apparently, the lady’s overall appearance did not pass the standard of judgemental netizens who later on criticized her looks and noted that her face is the very reason why she is wearing a mask, how rude.

See some of their comments below:

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