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Teresa Loyzaga captures netizens attention with her 52-aged hot bod

Age does not matter. This sentence applies to all aspects.

Teresa Loyzaga is a single mom, an actress known for Ikaw ang lahat sa akin (1992), Ang TV Movie: The Adarna Adventure (1996) and Lucas Abelardo (1994) then later on lived in Sydney, Australia and worked in a call center, in a bank, and for more than 10 years already, a flight attendant for Qantas Air. At that time, she had to leave her showbiz career for personal reasons, and decided to take jobs as she needed to raise her child as a single mom.

Teresa would love to come back to being an actress way back, but she did not admit it. Taking a jobs as an office assistant, photocopying and delivering papers is something unexpected of Ms. Loyzaga. But she continued to work hard, as she said, “This is a job I need to do, I think, for my children.”

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What makes her strong and healthy for doing all these?

In her recent exposure in GMA network Pinoy MD, mother of teen actor Diego Loyzaga shared her no gym workout routine. She said that she had to be strong in order to raise her children well as a single mom. She explained that you don’t have to go to a gym in order to achieve your dream fitness as you can do it even at home in front of moms like her. Now, she is a fitspiration!

At the age of 52, Teresa Loyzaga is a 52 year old single mom. Netizens are amazed with the hot bod she has! Teresa posted pictures on her Instagram account during her vacation in beach in Camiguin. Under the sun and flaunting her slim body, she wore different designs of bikinis during the vacation and she really defied age. Some even thought that she was Diego’s new girlfriend. IG user blarerecto left “Grabe ganda nman dyan sis (at)teresaloyzaga super sexy mo din to the highest level.”, iam_shashady said “Ang sexy mo padin, kainggit naman. walang ka tyan tyan. slim n slim padin,” cathy_delarea commented, “Ganda ng katawan ni Madam. She’s 52 but her body looks like mine.”

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What really caught the attention of the netizens is how she maintains her body even at the age of 52 and having two sons as a single mom. Imagine all the hard work and still getting time to maintain that sexy bod.

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What do you do to achieve that dream body?

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